About Our Competition Teams

Lil' Starz

We offer our competition program for ages 7-18-year-olds who love to dance and perform. They will get to attend and compete in all of our competitions and conventions. Also, they will be able to participate in an out-of-state national competition, which usually occurs in June or early July. We compete in 5-6 regional competitions each year and one national competition. We have high exceptions for our company members, as they are in technique classes, ballet classes, and have rehearsals multiple times a week. Being apart of our competition team requires commitment, and our members seek improvement and have motivation every day, while always putting the team first. 
We have six competition teams featuring Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Hip-hop. We provide these teams in three different skill levels.  Our dancers also compete in solos, duets, and trios. Our dancers compete at multiple competitions including KAR Dance Competitions, Headliners, Showstoppers, Starquest, Starpower, Starbound, Spotlight & more!
Our dancers stand out in the crowd with awards such as: Most Entertaining, Best Dressed, Best Energy, Great Sportsmanship, Best Personality, “Sunny &Refreshing”, and Much More!

The LIL’ STARZ Performing Group members are ages 8-15. They provide entertainment by volunteering at fundraisers, community fairs, retirement centers, school bazaars, and other locations by dancing!

Sign-up sheets will be posted closer to when classes begin in September. This class is cash only, pay-as-you-go. Rehearsals will begin in late September/early October.

Between October through December, the students learn two or more routines to holiday music. From January to June, Dancers learn two routines to perform In the recital and at Six Flags Great America, in June.



  • To gain more stage experience

  • To have a desire to grow as a dancer

  • To be rehearsed and ready to always perform

  • To have a diverse group of students at varying technical levels dance friends

  • To make new friends, always have fun and show support for one another.

If you would like our dancers to perform at your next event please call

773-736-6677 or email info@the-dance-academy.com


The Dance Academy Competition Team