Studio Policies

These guidelines are to acquaint you with our classroom expectations, as well as our business procedures. They have evolved over 33 years. Their purpose is to create a smooth flow of personal and business procedures between students, parents and teachers. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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Absences & Make-Up Classes

Call the studio if you will miss a class. You have a one month period to make up. Summer students must do make-up classes during the summer session; make-up classes cannot be carried over into September. Choose a comparable class or ask your teacher what class to make up in. You cannot use a class you are currently enrolled in one month as the make-up class the next month. It is the student or parentís responsibility to keep track of and pursue make-up classes. During the months of April and May, make-up classes are limited; in June make-up classes are not available as most classes are working on recital dances.

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Classroom Attire

Any color leotard & tights, bike shorts and other form fitting work out attire are appropriate for jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop, body roc, exercise dance and combination classes. Ballet students should wear a black leotard and pink tights. Boys & men should wear black dance pants with a white shirt. Students must have appropriate shoes for class: jazz shoes or dance sneakers, tap shoes, ballet slippers. No gum is allowed in the studios or dressing room. No excess jewelry. Pull hair back from face and up off your neck.

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Classroom Conduct

Be ready to enter the class fully dressed in appropriate dance attire at the time class begins. Students may be required to observe the class if not dressed appropriately or if more than 10 minutes late. Attend class regularly. There is no talking in class; raise your hand to ask a question. Stop what you are doing when the teacher is talking and listen. Do not touch the mirrors. Do not hang on the ballet barres. Respect studio property and the property of others. Put your name in all dance shoes. Do not leave valuables in the dressing room. The Dance Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen property. A note on corrections: It is important to remember that a correction is a gift. A teacherís job is to help you learn and improve, and when they correct a student they do it because they care. Listen and learn from all corrections even if they are not directed specifically at you.

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Classes progress throughout the year. Students with equivalent training may join during any session. Class sizes may be limited. If a class is can celled due to small enrollment, classes may be combined or you have the choice of transferring to another time, or getting a credit towards future classes.

Tuition is non-refundable. If you are undecided about a class, you are welcome to observe when we are in session. Please call and make arrangements in advance

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Office Rules

Eating is only allowed in the office and garbage should be disposed of properly. Children must not be left unattended anywhere in The Dance Academy. Our receptionist has other duties and cannot serve as a sitter for the dancerís siblings. Children are not allowed to play in an unoccupied dance studio. Please wait for class to begin in the office or dressing room. There is no running or horseplay allowed anywhere in The Dance Academy. Cell phones must be silenced during class. Video taping is only allowed with permission from the teacher.

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Recital Information

We present a recital each year at the end of June. Participation is encouraged as it gives completion to the yearís learning, but is not mandatory. Expenses to expect are: a family recital fee, costume cost, and ticket purchases, also optional photo and video order fees. A commitment is requested in December/January and students may not be allowed to perform in the recital if not committed that early. Any student who has any outstanding bills, such as costumes fees or tuition will not be allowed to perform in the recital.

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Rescheduled Classes

When holidays occur on dancing days, or classes are can celled due to inclement weather, or a teacherís needs, class will be rescheduled for another day and time, or you will be asked to make up in another comparable class.

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Teacher's Intent

We do our best to place students in the class that supports their development and enjoyment. Class placement is at the discretion of the teacher and is not based solely on age or number of years of study. If you are not satisfied, please talk with your teacher and together we can explore the options

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Tuition Policies

No Refunds.

Registration Fee

Each year there is a one-time non-refundable $12.00 registration fee per family that covers paperwork for the year.


No refunds.

Tuition is charged on a four-week basis and is payable in advance. Rates are listed in the schedule of classes. The calendar year is divided into four-week segments so the amount is always the same. PAYMENT IS DUE THE FIRST CLASS OF EACH FOURWEEK PERIOD. Exact due dates are listed in the monthly newsletter.

Late Tuition

Unpaid amounts carried after the second class of the month will have a $6 late charge. In June, there is a $10 late charge. If your tuition account is more than three weeks overdue, in addition to the late fee, the student will not be allowed to continue in the class until the tuition is fully paid.

Tuition is non refundable

Tuition cannot be transferred, extended or deducted. You will be billed only if payment is late. Checks or money orders are made payable to The Dance Academy.

NSF Checks

There is a $30 service charge for returned or NSF checks.


There are several discount options listed in the schedule of classes, only one discount option may be applied. The family discount is for immediate families in the same household, not including cousins, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The Dance Academy has ongoing bills and financial responsibilities, payroll, rent, utilities-that are paid late or go unpaid when we do not receive tuition in a timely manner. We all want the business of The Dance Academy to be solid so there is a place for teaching, learning and growing. We do not want to call students to tell them tuition is late-however, you will receive a call if this is the case. We also do not want to embarrass a student by telling them they cannot attend class after a parent has dropped them off. Students will not be allowed to take class if tuition is not paid. Please, make tuition payments on time. Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.

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Winter Weather

If weather causes a cancellation of your dance class, your teacher will try to call you before class time. If you have not been contacted and are unsure if class is meeting, please call the studio. CLASSES THAT ARE CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER WILL BE MADE UP IN THE SPRING. THERE ARE NO TUITION DEDUCTIONS FOR MOTHER NATURES FANCIES.

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